Sounds Like Music

by FTA

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Music & lyrics by FTA

Recording, mix & mastering by Tomáš Chmura & FTA, 2015/2016

Complete booklet with lyrics is available for download in pdf.

Self made video for Trees can be found here:

"Self cover" of Figment performed by Tomáš on rototoms is here:


released March 14, 2016

FTA is:
Filip Mráz - guitar & vocals
Lucio Massarotto - keyboard & vocals
Tomáš Chmura - drums & percussion
Michal Urban - bass guitar




FTA Ostrava, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Trees
Here comes the time for a lie down
It's too sticky to toil this way
I haven't slept many nights but now,
but now a noise from aside


Bending my bones,
that I've ground
not for my own well
Don't you dare,
I grant you the wisdom
you won't take away,
oh, what a shame

Mr. Dunce is not embracing,
what a shame,
even though he just had to listen
Oh, it's not a fairytale
for you with many scars ahead
Oh, what a great shame,
the generation fades

…completely fades into obscurity
and you, you
and who are you to…

And who are you
to make the eternity end?
And could it even end at all?
You think of doing nothing,
you're the devil-may-cry
morons not worth a fight
You're one eye blind hypocrites
but if everything comes off,
you grow out of it all

There there, you're all
There there, you're all alone
There there, you all are…

…degrading unknown will,
unwilling common sense
and sensing the need,
denying what comes
But you can’t resist all

For an obvious reason
that he's an odd man,
that he's an oak man,
well that he's a tree man

And nothing
like the shame of nothing
And nothing
like the shame of nothing
to say
Track Name: Figment
Illusions, very little things to believe in
Mirrors so bright, they won't let you out,
let you out, let you out

A vision of the answer I still reject
I cover my life with comparisons
Many pieces of advice flowing down the drain
I admit, I refuse, I complain, I am rude

Distorted lights surround naked wives
Tickling my eyes while my hands are tied
Oh no, hold on!

Acquired ideals, sparks of philosophy
Plants that I have harvested too soon
Still I see its face running away
The pleasure of a devious bait
No matter what I see, no matter what I hear and feel
I try to grab everything indeed
and run out of reasons to get mad
'cause this is just a figment of my mind
Track Name: Intense
She fought a sleep of no peace
but no one should have waken her
She was so tired of her own dreams
and no one could gather her strength

The flickering was so real,
it was outlining its shades

And the shapes're billowing inside her eyelids,
the pictures they comprise are incredible
The red light enforces a little smile,
a subtle smile, for a little while,
until the sunbeam passes by,
just for a little while

She roused and let her eyes shut,
the scenery was tucked away
And everything indicated it won't
be back again
But she is of
the opposite opinion
and she is holding her ground

And she is sure
that her imagination
can stop the rest of the world
(hey) These pictures are painted by steady hands
(hey) These pictures are painted by steady hands
(hey) The pictures are painted by steady hands
(hey) One hand is led by the other hand
Track Name: Embrace the Wolf
I wanna realize

I want to realize,
tell me the secret,
tell me what's your story
What makes you hungry,
shall I be even worried now?
How come that I never get it?
How come that I never win?
How come that I always wonder why it's me to kneel?
Down by the drain my very own thoughts have disappeared
And you are the one who stands by the wheel

When did you come here, what was the first sight?
I can’t recall the very first deal
The pills that I swallow cut like a blade
Ruby cold bubbles down the well
You choke, break, skin, burn, peel, drill,
you know how to treat
Am I your prisoner,
a doll for your please
or a doubt for what shall be real?

Let me out

I wanna realize
Track Name: Stateshift
If it were fully up to me,
I wouldn't talk to them at all
This is my time, I have earned it all
Damn freaks on their crusade against the world

But I'm not quite the kind of man
who wants to beg 'em to retain, yeah
And I'm not giving 'em anything anyway
Still I think there's much more to lose
I think there's much more… to lose

She didn't get it
up to now

There's never been soil for compassion
for those with inclination of being down
With their infection – the lack of ambition,
it's killing them now
I've seen that fall
I know that she's been a part of something
A thing we haven't lost so far
But no one of her sort belongs there, in fact they know that

They are selling their hate,
the clearance day's today
And every day's today, no tomorrow, no pain
They are flipping the dime to survive the night
All the lights are already dimmed
Yet! Is anyone ordering?

Is anyone ordering?
Is anyone ordering anything? Hallo!
Is anyone ordering anything - Her halo?

They keep telling the rest it's been a bummer
left upon their heads
So please don't think about them,
Their deaths and lives are none of our business
To lay the blame on someone, to lay the blame on them,
to lay the blame on someone who will disappear with them
Who's gonna take charge, who's gonna bear the lack
It's not a matter of concern, my friend

The rest doesn't want to meet them and alone talk to them,
the rest has its own way
She won't deal with it and she's brainsick of it,
her destiny is unfair (so unfair)
She started running to somebody, a passer-by, a random guy,
who pretends he didn't see her
Maybe if only 'cause he really didn't see her,
he could not except that

I've seen the heavy landing fall
I shouted to stop it
I saw the picture of a hovering corpse
Then the wind stole my words

Don't blame me now, dear
Don't blame me now
It's all your fault
Track Name: From Within II.
One step aside while holding my breath
You almost felt that
My certainty ran into a gap

The ripples are growing into waves
The oddities want me to play
They know there's nothing to await,
we know there's nothing to await

hollow hole
hollow hole
hollow hole
hollow hole

There's nothing I should moan for
They say I was deaf but I'm not sure I was
Even I could hear the echo,
it collided 'cause I collapsed the sound
I left myself in the shell of itself
Why the hell they thought that I was hiding them?
I know they are looking for the tight hole,
kneeling on the lawn of the shaking old man

They don't belong there
We need the man to hold 'em from
what they are
He was sick of it all then
Nowadays he can turn 'em off
wasting their time

They don't need the old man
to stand in their way to me
and to rise in arms
So this could be the last
of the eleven shivers

My skin is getting natural,
my beard and hair are turning brown
No longer I am a fossil,
my lungs are freed from blood

I blinked my eye, it was easier than before
Now I can breathe out and gather'em back to the hole
make'em wait more

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